The seasons in Salt Lake City

Clint Losee Photography
Clint Losee Photography

Is it only in Brazil, or in other tropical countries you cannot distinguish the season only by looking at the nature around you? The trees don’t change that much and it is always a little cold or hot like you’re living in a heated oven. But in the United States of America, specifically in the astonishing Salt Lake City, it is terrific how everything changes and how the view tells you what time of the year it is.

Spring in Salt Lake is so bright after all the snow goes by and the gardens and trees become colorful again. The yellow of the pollen and the sweet smell of the rainbow flowers fill your spirit with a refreshing joy. It looks like everything comes back to life, but renewed and even prettier than before.

Summer brings a burning atmosphere, and people get so excited to go out and do all they couldn’t when it was cold. Everything gets so different that you don’t even remember how it was to use a lot of clothes and all you want to do is jump into a cooling pool. The brilliant colors of summer show you that it is worth the wait for a more enjoyable life.

Pumpkins and orange leaves show you that you are in autumn. The landscape color becomes deeper and intense and walking on the streets, you realize the season by the cracking sound of your shoes when you step on the dry leaves. The trees are skinnier now and the ground is yellow, orange, red and brown.

It starts to freeze outside and you realize it is winter before the snow falls. Except the pines, trees are just branches now and when it gets white you know that Christmas is near. There’s no one out there, the city feels like a refrigerator and seems inhabited by cars.

It is so different to live on a place where you can witness the changes in nature. You can’t do this in Brazil, but in Salt Lake City the experience is delightful and totally satisfying.

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