The Best Trip


It was the best trip I’ve ever made in my life. When I was younger, my grandparents and big sister were the best company that I could wish to have simple, but unforgettable fun during a trip. We went to a small town called Agudos, in São Paulo, in my grandfather’s car, to visit an uncle and his family.

Before we started the trip, which lasted about six hours, my grandmother stopped at a market and bought some snacks for us. She always gets worried about food and always lets us eat whatever we want. She bought candies, juice, peanut, chips, and more candies, and then she went to my house with my grandfather to pick up my sister and I. The trip will begin!

During the journey, which was long, we stopped at a gas station so my grandfather could drink some coffee. My sister and I ate cheese bread and asked my grandmother to buy us a teen magazine with Demi Lovato on the cover. We loved it when we were younger. We read the entire magazine in the car while we delighted ourselves with snacks, and listened to the country music CDs that my grandfather loves so much.

At lunch time, we stopped at a restaurant on the edge of a famous river called Piracicaba River. We ate fresh fish and after this, we had ice cream to freshen us during that warm and luminous summer day. At least it wasn’t too hot to make the trip uncomfortable, so we were enjoying all the joy that only a summer day is able to bring. We ate our ice cream while we watched that fascinating view of the river in front of us.

Back to the car, my sister and I slept while my grandfather kept driving, listening to his country music. When we woke up, we ate some candies and there was still some time to get to Agudos. We talked to each other and laughed so much. This was definitely the funniest part of the journey because we were so happy to be with each other. But we were also anxious to finally get to the small town and meet my uncle. The time was passing and we were getting closer to our destiny!

When we arrived in Agudos, we couldn’t find his house, even though the town was so small. Then, we entered on a street, and we saw him on the sidewalk with his little son. The meeting was emotionally exciting, and we were so happy to finally be with them. The days we spent there were also memorable, but to tell everything I’d need to start another story.

My childhood gave me a lot of good memories and this is one of the best. Remembering it right now, I see that I learned that the greatest things in life are usually simple, but they are incredible because of the people who we share it.

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