Panic Disorder and Its Causes

Have you ever had a panic attack? Panic Disorder is a kind of anxiety disorder in which the person suffers from sudden attacks of fear and nervousness, including physical and mental symptoms. The person who already had a panic attack usually develops an extreme fear of having another one, which can lead to social withdraw, loneliness and phobias. The ultimate cause of panic disorder is still not clear, but certain mental and physical factors are connected with panic attacks and disorder, such as stress, substance abuse and depression.

To begin with, stress can lead you to the development of a panic disorder. In fact, panic attacks are considered consequences of extreme stress. When stressed, the body operates as if it’s under attack, releasing a mix of hormones and chemicals to be prepared for a physical action. When this happens excessively, the system in your body gets deregulated, causing you a lot of physical problems, such as raised blood pressure, and also mental problems, such as panic attacks. The first panic attack usually comes during an extended period of stress, and can later become a disorder. An example for this situation is a young person who is stressed with college and work; after a long time dealing with a lot of responsibilities, the person can have a panic attack during a test, after realizing that because of the work, he or she couldn’t study enough to do well on that test. Stress increases the chances of a panic attack and disorder.

In addition, substance abuse is something that can also cause a panic disorder. Alcohol and other drugs are extremely dangerous for people with anxiety disorders or a predisposition to have one, since those substances can intensify the symptoms of the problem. According to the website Rehabs, panic disorder is the second leading anxiety disorder related to substance abuse. Excessive use of drugs can lead to damage in a person’s mental functioning, causing problems such as stress and panic attacks.

Finally, depression also can contribute to a panic disorder. Having a problem like anxiety causes a sensation of lack of control, which contributes to depression. Once with depression, your anxiety disorder can get aggravated, which can cause you your first panic attack. According to the website ADAA, nearly fifty percent of people diagnosed with depression is also diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, such as panic disorder. Depression and panic disorder are not the same thing, but both conditions contribute to each other.

In conclusion, panic disorder is a mental condition that has affected many people, and that can be caused by stress, substance abuse and depression. If you think you may have suffered of a panic attack or are developing a panic disorder, try to find help from a psychologist to see what is happening with your mental health and if you need treatment. Our minds are extremely important for our quality of life, so be aware of problems such as panic disorder and prevent yourself from having something worse.

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